Tennis Tip #11: Singles Groundstroke Strategy

Arrowhead Tennis teaching professional Nick Hansen discusses singles groundstroke strategy in this video. The groundstroke is a bouncing shot hit from the baseline with either a forehand or a backhand. There are three basic types of groundstrokes to hit: the defensive, neutral, and offensive shots. The defensive shot is when you are pulled off of the court to one side and usually behind the baseline. The best shot to hit here is a high ball with lots of topspin, allowing you to recover back into the center of the court. The neutral shot is when you are rallying with someone, and you are not really in an offensive or defensive position. It is best to keep hitting the ball cross-court and look for an opening to draw a more offensive shot. The offensive shot is when you have forced your opponent to one of the corners, and they reply with a shorter, easier ball that you can offensively and aggressively hit to the opposite corner for a winner or to draw an error. Becoming a better player requires that you can not only hit these shots, but also know when to hit them.