Tennis Tip #12: The Drop Shot

Arrowhead Tennis teaching professional Nick Hansen discusses the drop shot in this video. The drop shot is a specialty shot, typically and most effectively hit from an offensive position. You do not want to try to the drop shot from too far behind the baseline because it is difficult to execute from there. It is ideal to hit the drop shot when your opponent is behind the baseline or out of position, or it can be used as a good strategy against a player who does not like to come to the net. You want to use the continental grip (same grip you use on serve, volleys, and overheads) and use underspin to gently hit the ball over the net. A good rule of thumb is that if the ball bounces three times before hitting the service line, then you have hit a solid drop shot. It is good to try and disguise that you are going to hit the drop shot. A good way to practice is by playing touch tennis, gently hitting the ball just over the net against your practice partner. The drop shot is a great tool to have in your tennis tool box!