Tennis Tip #16: The Warm-Up

Arrowhead Tennis teaching professional Nick Hansen discusses the warm-up and injury prevention in this video. It is good to do a dynamic warm-up before starting to hit the ball. Do some stretching and a get your arms, legs, and back loose and warm to avoid injury. IT is not a good idea to come out and just start bashing the ball. Then, start with some short court, standing on the service line and hitting the ball back and forth with your partner. Stay on your toes, and get your feet moving right away. Move to the baseline and hit at least five minutes of forehands and backhands, one again keeping your feet moving, and using early racquet preparation. Then, come to the net and hit at least two minutes of volleys and several overheads, which will begin to warm-up your service motion. Then, move back to the baseline and hit at least 6-8 serves on both the deuce and ad sides of the court. While your opponent warms up his/her serve, make sure to practice your return against it. Finally, for injury prevention, make sure that you stay relaxed when you play, if you are too tense while swinging, this can lead to arm and back trouble. Also, invest in a good pair of tennis court shoes, running shoes just do not have the stability for tennis, and this can lead to ankle or knee injuries. The warm-up is one of the many things, that if done well, can make you a better player!