Tennis Tip #17: The Serve Toss

Arrowhead Tennis teaching professional Nick Hansen discusses the serve toss in this video. The serve is widely considered the most important shot in tennis, and the serve toss is one of the most critical aspects of the serve. A bad serve toss will force you to hit the ball outside of the ideal strike zone. You want to toss the ball a little bit in front of you and a little bit to your dominant side, which would be the right side for right-handers. Toss the ball high enough so that you can extend your arm and racquet as high as you can reach. You want to keep your arm straight as you toss the ball, only raising the shoulder. Do not bend your elbow, wrist, or fingers as you toss the ball. It is important to remember that in a tennis match, you can re-do your toss, catching the ball, or letting it hit the ground, until you get a toss that you are comfortable hitting in your ideal strike zone. Come to Arrowhead Tennis and practice your serve and serve toss!