Tennis Tip #8: The Lob

Arrowhead Tennis teaching professional Nick Hansen discusses the lob in this video. The lob is a specialty shot that can be used often and very effectively to throw something at your opponents that they are not expecting. It is especially effective when your opponent(s) are playing too close to the net or use it early in a match to keep them guessing for the rest of the time when you might lob again. The lob is typically used more often in doubles because one player is already at the net at the beginning of a point, but it can also be used in singles. There are two basic types of lobs, one is the offensive lob and the other is the defensive lob. The offensive lob is hit with lots of topspin and is meant to go low over your opponent’s head, landing inside the lines for an outright winner or at least stretching your opponent way to the back court. The defensive lob is hit with underspin or slice and is hit very high in the air which allows you to get back in the court from your defensive position. That is a little bit about the lob, it is a very fun shot to hit, come test it out at Arrowhead!