Tennis Tip #9: The Approach Shot

Arrowhead Tennis teaching professional Nick Hansen discusses the approach shot in this video. The approach shot is an offensive, attacking shot hit in the middle of the court, which you follow to the net to finish the point. After you draw a short ball to hit an approach shot, you want to move as quickly forward to the ball as you can, giving your opponent less time to recover. Even though you are moving forward quickly, you want to stay balanced, and when you get to the ball turn sideways and hit an aggressive forehand or backhand. Follow the shot to the net in the direction that you hit it, and make sure to split step, coming to a stop, before your opponent makes contact with the ball. You can use a topspin, underspin, or flat shot based on where you are contacting the ball and what your strengths are. The approach is a crucial shot to master in becoming a complete player!