Tennis Tip #19: The Serve and Volley Tactic

In this week’s tennis tip, Arrowhead Tennis Teacher Nick Hansen discusses and examines the serve and volley tactic. After hitting the serve make sure to sprint to the net, and split step as your opponent is making contact with the ball, so that you are prepared to go in any direction in response to the return. Also, follow the direction of where your serve is hit to adequately cover the most court. Usually, you want to hit that first volley deep to one of the corners and wait for a higher ball to try and hit an angle volley winner. The serve and volley is an exciting and effective tactic to add to your tennis game. When attacking the net, sometimes your opponent will hit a great passing shot or lob over your head. Do not let this discourage you, keep practicing the serve and volley and you will have a tool that can win you a lot of points. Enjoy!