Tennis Tip #20: Consistency

In this week’s episode, Nick Hansen, Arrowhead tennis teacher, discusses the tennis principle of consistency. First, make sure to hit the ball high enough over the net to give yourself enough margin for error, and to reduce errors into the net. When hitting hig over the net, it can be very beneficial to use topspin, because this will effectively bring the ball down into the court. Also when you are running for a shot, pulled wide into the court, make sure to return the ball high and cross-court, giving yourself enough time to recover back to the center. When you do get a short ball from playing great, consistent tennis, be aggressive and hit an attacking shot to one of the corners. Lastly, be decisive with your shots, a lot of errors in tennis are generated from changing your mind at the last millisecond which direction you want to hit the ball. Pick a target and stick with it!