Tennis Tip #22: The Inside Out Forehand and Chip and Charge Tactics

Arrowhead tennis teacher Nick Hansen discusses the inside out forehand in this week’s tennis tip. The inside out forehand is achieved by running around your backhand to hit a forehand cross-court to your opponent’s backhand. You can hit the inside out forehand either with a lot of topspin or if you have an easier shot, then it can be flattened out in an aggressive fashion. As always, stay balanced and follow through towards your target. A good drill to practice this is to practice with a partner hitting cross-court on the backhand side, but running around all your backhands to hit the inside out forehand. Next, the chip and charge is used on short balls to hit an approach shot. Rather then using topspin or a flat shot, use slice on the chip and charge, hitting from slightly high to slightly low, putting weight on your front foot. After you have hit the ball deep to one of the corners or used a short angle, make sure that you split step as your opponent is making contact with the ball, so that you are ready for the volley. Enjoy practicing these exciting tactics!