Tennis Tip #23: The S.A.B.R. Tactic

Nick Hansen, Arrowhead tennis teacher, and Joey Kronzer, number one singles player at St. Olaf college discuss the S.A.B.R. This stands for Sneak Attack By Roger. This is a unique tactic that tennis legend Roger Federer has been using that you can incorporate into your game! The SABR is an aggressive service return in which the serve is returned as a half volley, and then followed immediately into the net by the player. To catch your opponent by surprise, begin to move forward when your opponent has put the ball in the air for their service toss, and then split step just before the service line. The power from this shot is generated from your momentum moving forward and the power of the opponent’s serve. Do not try to be over-aggressive with it and make sure to split step again, after you have returned it, and as your opponent is making contact with the ball. Your opponent will likely be caught off guard and you may have an easy volley to put away. This is an extremely exciting tactic to try and I recommend practicing it as much as possible because it is difficult to master. Enjoy!