Tennis Tip #24: Taking the Ball Early and The Tweener

Nick Hansen, Arrowhead tennis teacher discusses taking the ball early on your groundstrokes, while Joey Kronzer, number one singles player at St. Olaf, show you how to hit a tweener in this week’s tennis tip. There is a tendency when hitting groundstrokes to either retreat backwards or move laterally to the ball. Sometimes, you have no choice to do this because the ball is either coming in deep or with a lot of pace. But, you can oftentimes move forward and take the ball on the rise. Think of moving in diagonal towards the ball to take it early. This gives your opponent less time to recover to the center of the court and also help you to generate more power on your own shots. Watch videos of Andre Agassi playing to see how taking the ball early can be extremely effective. In the bonus tip, Joey explains how to hit the tweener, a between the legs shots used when a lob is hit over your head while you are at the net. This can be a difficult shot, and only used in special circumstances, but Joey explains a progression to the shot in which anybody can learn how to hit it. Give this exciting shot a try after you watch the video!