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Fitness Tip #6

The fitness video this week is about abdominal exercises! This video shows how to do floor core exercises such as the abdominal crunch. To do a proper sit-up, lay flat on the ground, with knees bent, feet flat on the ground, cross your arms over your...
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Fitness Tip #5

The fitness tip video this week is on tricep extensions and bicep curls on the cybex machines. Make sure to adjust the back rest so that you are in a comfortable position. When doing tricep extensions, use a smooth, fluid motion and do not allow your...
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Tennis Tip #27

Nick Hansen, Arrowhead tennis teaching professional discusses the kick serve with the help of Wells Patten in this tennis tip video. To hit the kick serve, use the continental grip and brush up the back of the ball, similar to how you would hit a topspin...
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Tennis Tip #26

Nick Hansen, Arrowhead tennis teaching professional, discusses the three types of serves in this video. All of these serves are accomplished with the continental aka handshake grip. You also want to keep your arm loose like a spaghetti noodle, to get...
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