Tennis Tip #26

Nick Hansen, Arrowhead tennis teaching professional, discusses the three types of serves in this video. All of these serves are accomplished with the continental aka handshake grip. You also want to keep your arm loose like a spaghetti noodle, to get the necessary snap of the wrist and to prevent injury. The flat serve is achieved by making contact with the ball straight-on, this is generally the fastest of the three serves and should be used primarily on first serves. Then, there is the slice serve, where you carve around the outside of the ball, when the ball bounces it veers to the left and stays low if you are a right-hander. To hit this serve, you want to toss the ball a little bit further to your right. The kick serve is similar to the topspin forehand in that your are brushing up on the ball to give it a high bounce when it lands. This is a great second serve and can keep your opponent off balance. Give these three serves a try!