Tennis Tip #31

Nick Hansen, tennis teacher at Arrowhead Tennis Center, discusses basic volley technique. When starting have the racquet head up and the frame facing directly at your nose. When hitting the volley, use the continental grip, also known as the handshake grip, on both the forehand and backhand volley. On the backhand you can use one or two hands. And then, keeping your racquet head above your wrist just guide, or block or punch the volley, do not  swing. It can help to imagine a brick wall going through your body and if you pull the racquet back too far, it will hit the wall. Always keep the hands out front and the racquet head above your wrists. The power comes from your legs moving forward. Keep your strings facing toward your target, no need to get too wristy with the shot. Try this out and you will become a volley master in no time!